Chuon is expanding his business because of improved performance and profit

06 julho 2020
7 minutes

Chuon Chansophal is a yellow broiler farmer and lives together with his wife and 3 children. He started his yellow broiler farm in 2008. “I experienced many ups and downs in my business. I used several kinds of feed from many suppliers but the results were not satisfying. Till I became a customer of De Heus in 2012”, says Chuon.

Sharing knowledge for better results

With the technical advice from specialist Chuon started using De Heus feed. Not only performance had improved but also the profit. Therefore Chuon is expanding his business.

Making a difference

Chuon is setting up a new 13.000 bird farm nearby.  “I am happy with my business now and I have time to take care of my beloved children and enjoy life more,” Chuon closes.