For high-quality grass production

Whether you want to make silage or graze your cows, your goal as a dairy farmer is to produce top-quality grass. The better the grass, the better your cows’ feed intake, digestion and milk production. To help you optimise your grass production, we have developed the OptiGrass method.

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  • Comprehensive support throughout the cultivation of grass for silage
  • Optimum nutritional values per kg of dry grass
  • More efficient crop management
  • Support to find the optimal harvesting time
  • High grassland yield

Balancing quality and quantity

OptiGrass supports you throughout the production of high-quality grass. We can help at every stage, from soil analysis, seedbed preparation and sowing to weed control, fertilisation and harvesting. But quality isn’t the only thing that matters: there is also the question of quantity. Waiting longer to cut the grass means more of it – at a lower standard. It’s all about finding the perfect balance for your herd.

With the OptiGrass method, you can be sure of a high-quality end product that comes with reduced losses (to mould, for example) and lower fertilisation costs.