For high-quality maize production

As a dairy farmer, you want to get the most out of your maize silage – which means generating the maximum possible nutritional value per hectare. For that, you need more starch, the most valuable nutrient in maize silage: higher levels of starch lead to better milk production among your cows. The starch content in silage is heavily influenced by the maturity of the maize, so to help you optimise your maize cultivation, we have developed the OptiMaize method.

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  • Harvesting your maize hybrid at the right time
  • Ensuring high-quality maize silage
  • Optimal nutritional values per kg of dry matter
  • More starch production per hectare
  • Healthy cows with more milk

Maximising the benefits of maize

OptiMaize supports you at all stages during the production of high-quality maize. Whether it’s soil analysis, seedbed preparation, sowing, weed control, fertilisation, hybrid selection or harvesting, we can help. With maize, timing is key: cutting the maize at the right time will have a big impact on the amount of starch in the silage – and therefore on the nutritional benefit for your cows.

The OptiMaize method allows you to accurately estimate the percentage of dry matter in the crop. What’s more, it can help you find the perfect time for harvesting: cutting the maize at a more mature stage can not only boost the starch yield but also reduce input costs and increase your margins.