Analysing milking robot data with advanced RobotExpert software

05 outubro 2021
2 minutes

A major advantage of milking with a robot is the huge volume of data that suddenly becomes available – with regard to milking, feeding and the individual prestation of each cow.

De Heus’ RobotExpert software helps to unlock all of this data and more. It is compatible with all milking robot brands and allows targeted adjustments to be made to the management or robot settings, depending on your farm and its goals.

RobotExpert can be used to undertake analysis on eight key areas: milk production, content, activity, ration, rest feed, capacity, acidity and udder health (figure 1).

Figure 1 Eight areas where an analysis is carried out using RobotExpert software

Besides reviewing the data collected, our experienced technical advisors also perform an on-farm analysis, reviewing other important factors, including free space in front of the robot, the number of cubicles and number of places in the barn and the availability of sufficient, high-quality roughage. This information is gathered and synthesised into a digestible custom-made report, based on which De Heus offers practical steps to improve your dairy operation.

Robotic milking is a continuous process where all factors must be aligned to achieve the best possible result.

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